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Passion into Profession

Zarh Rodriguez, a Frenchman with Spanish roots, aged 19 and studying at ESG Luxe for a Bachelor's in Luxury, Business Development, and Marketing, began nurturing a passion for crafting websites after a colleague sought his advice and assistance in creating their clothing brand's website. Self-taught, he delved into watching videos, scouring the internet for resources, and constantly practicing in this domain that piqued his interest—a delicate balance between passion and business ideas.


Birth of Luwn

This pursuit began consuming a significant chunk of his time, dedicating mornings, days, and nights to it. He started getting small projects from friends and acquaintances, which, in turn, led to word-of-mouth publicity. The agency, named "Luwn," was born, and he established a specific web page for the agency along with the services offered! This marked the inception of a successful agency. The image became more professional, and they transitioned into a full-fledged agency.


Quest for Quality

Leaving his luxury commerce school, he began to question his path. The routine of creating websites for various businesses left him disillusioned, seeing countless others offering similar services, often at lower prices. Taking a bold leap, he halted projects for six months to focus on self-improvement. During this hiatus, he immersed himself in learning, researching, and practicing extensively to offer websites of superior quality. His aim was not just to match but to exceed industry standards, crafting digital gems that truly stood out and kept up with the latest trends. Equipped with newfound expertise, he emerged ready to revolutionize the digital landscape with his exceptional creations.


Pandemic Pivot

As the agency was based in France, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Without implying that it was a good thing, it was oddly advantageous for them. Luwn had become part of a very small percentage of people capable of creating premium websites. With many businesses forced to close their doors due to lockdowns, it presented an opportunity to offer e-commerce solutions to those without an online presence.


Rapid Expansion

The mission was a success; the year 2020 allowed Luwn Agency to make a name for itself in the market. They decided to hire a salesperson to capitalize on this reputation and secure as many contracts as possible. It proved fruitful, as the agency completed over 40 projects in the year! They had extremely tight goals, crafting web pages in 1 to 2 weeks, working 16-hour days, but with limitless creativity. The addition of the salesperson allowed them to achieve a remarkable growth of +318% in their sales, proving to be a key moment for their business.


Remote Transition

By the end of 2022, they decided to relocate to the Canary Islands, taking advantage of the agency's ability to be managed remotely. The idea was to reduce workload and enjoy life more. Not much happened; projects continued, but they were on an extended vacation.


Streamlined Operations

As they delved deeper into optimizing their workflow, they recognized the potential benefits of managing web hosting and domain names themselves. This shift promised more streamlined client account management and quicker website development. By incorporating web hosting and domain services directly into their offerings, they aimed for greater efficiency and faster turnaround times.

Additionally, mid-year, they made a strategic move by bringing on board a digital expert, Fátima Luján, who has studied as a chef cuisinier, brings a unique set of skills to her role at Luwn Agency, particularly in designing websites tailored for restaurants. Her culinary background has equipped her with a deep understanding of the intricacies of restaurant operations and customer experience. Fátima's expertise extends beyond the kitchen as she excels in crafting online restaurant carts and devising marketing strategies focused on enhancing user experience. Her adeptness in blending culinary knowledge with digital expertise has been instrumental in suggesting innovative ideas for website functionality and design. Fátima's contributions ensure that each project at Luwn Agency is executed seamlessly, meeting the needs and expectations of their clients in the restaurant industry.


Comprehensive Solutions

In response to client feedback and evolving market demands, they introduced a suite of comprehensive solutions designed to address common concerns. Presenting Luwn Hosting, Luwn Domains, and Luwn Care. Among these, Luwn Care emerged as their flagship offering, providing clients with comprehensive insurance coverage for any website issues that may arise. This proactive approach aimed to alleviate client concerns and eliminate the need for frequent billing for minor website hiccups. Additionally, Luwn Hosting & Domains filled a crucial gap in the market, offering reliable hosting services and domain registration at competitive rates. With their commitment to providing feature-rich, intricately designed websites, these services ensured seamless functionality and optimal performance for their clients' online ventures. Moreover, recognizing the challenge clients faced in managing hosting and domains, they developed the Luwn Hub. This all-in-one website management platform empowers users to efficiently oversee their websites, hosting, domains, and care features in one centralized location. The Luwn Hub streamlines the management process, providing clients with the tools they need to effectively manage their online presence with ease.Additionally, mid-year, they made a strategic move by bringing on board a digital expert, Fátima Luján. Her role was pivotal in suggesting innovative ideas for functionality and design, testing features from a user perspective, tailoring elements to better suit their solutions, and conducting thorough website reviews before client delivery. Fátima's expertise became indispensable at Luwn Agency, ensuring the seamless completion of every project.

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