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Unbelievably good hosting for our clients and their success.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting enables individuals and organizations to make their website accessible online by storing website files on a server connected to the internet. It ensures continuous access for users and provides essential features like storage, bandwidth, security, and technical support, crucial for a functional website presence. Without web hosting, your website files wouldn't be visible to the public, making it essential for online visibility.

Why should you choose LUWN for your Web Hosting?

Dedicated Ressources

Nothing shared about our hosting, every site has its own dedicated resources.

18 Global Locations

Set up your site in any one of 18 different global locations for speed and SEO.

Unique IP Address

Each site has its own unique IP address, no more sharing one for 20 sites.

Dedicated and managed hosting that's engineered and priced

for our clients - Available in 18 worldwide data centers.

We are so confident you'll love our hosting, we will...

Buy out your existing hosting (really!) so you can easily move.
Migrate all your sites for free with zero downtime and effort.
Never lock you in, ever! Pay month by month, leave any time.

Check below the most advanced features

Dedicated CPU, memory and IP for every site. You’ll never be impacted by other sites or shared resources.
A hosting solution that seamlessly integrates with plugins, site management, automation, and more.
Daily backups with 30 days storage. Get up to 720 restore points with optional hourly backups package.
The best hosting support you’ve ever experienced with 24/7 help for any hosting issue.
Web Application Firewall and dynamic malware defence with optimized rule sets / blocklists for elite security.
Integrated, one-click staging environment. Test, fix, and update your sites with absolute confidence.

Also includes:

Website Cloning
Multisite compatibility
10 free email accounts
Free SSL certificates
Easy SFTP/SSH access
E-Commerce ready
Self-healing technology
No read/write file limits
File/database manager
Optimized resources
Git, Composer, & NPM
FastCGI & object cache
Detailed site analytics
99.9% uptime guarantee
phpMyAdmin & WP-CLI

Shared Hosting vs LUWN Hosting

When other hosting providers neglect your success by offering cheap hosting services that compromise your online presence with slow speeds, insecurity, and poor Google ranking, cheap hosting isn't the answer - Invest in your web server with Luwn Dedicated Hosting, and we assure you that you won't regret the advantages it brings.

Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting offers limited security, slower performance, and relies on a single IP address and location, employing outdated 2004 technology.
LUWN Hosting
LUWN Hosting
In contrast, LUWN Hosting provides dedicated resources, heightened security, faster speeds, individual IP addresses, and multiple locations, utilizing cutting-edge 2024 technology.

Host closer to site visitors

You’re spoilt for choice with 18 data centers located around the world and our efficient
123-point CDN, both ensuring the best proximity for max site speed.

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18 servers worldwide and 123-point CDN

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We provide a diverse array of hosting plans tailored to suit the needs of various projects. Discover the one that best fits your requirements, or allow us to assist you in finding the perfect match.

For Small Projects

Low Frequency Hosting

Opt for Low Frequency hosting if your project is small, such as a single-page website or a blog with minimal content.



Perfect for small ventures.

1 vCPU (Intel Xeon 3GHz+)
5TB Bandwidth (Premium)
10GB Storage (NVMe SSD)
All features listed on this page
For Medium Projects

High Frequency Hosting

Choose High Frequency hosting if your project is medium-sized, for example, a website with between 5 and 20 pages containing substantial content.



Ideal for professional sites.

1 vCPU (Intel Xeon 3GHz+)
10TB Bandwidth (Premium)
32GB Storage (NVMe SSD)
Luwn Care at 25% discount
All features listed on this page


Smooth performance and stability.

1 vCPU (Intel Xeon 3GHz+)
10TB Bandwidth (Premium)
64GB Storage (NVMe SSD)
Luwn Care at 50% discount
All features listed on this page


Evolved performance and stability.

2 vCPU (Intel Xeon 3GHz+)
25TB Bandwidth (Premium)
80GB Storage (NVMe SSD)
Luwn Care at 75% discount
All features listed on this page
For Large Projects

Ultra High Frequency

Select Ultra High Frequency hosting if you have a large project with a website that can have 50 to 100 pages with significant content.



High-Speed performance and stability.

Luwn Care at no cost
2 vCPU (Intel Xeon 3GHz+)
25TB Bandwidth (Premium)
128GB Storage (NVMe SSD)
All features listed on this page


Ultra High-Speed performance and stability.

Luwn Care at no cost
4 vCPU (Intel Xeon 3GHz+)
100TB Bandwidth (Premium)
384GB Storage (NVMe SSD)
All features listed on this page


Top-Tier performance and stability.

Luwn Care at no cost
6 vCPU (Intel Xeon 3GHz+)
200TB Bandwidth (Premium)
448GB Storage (NVMe SSD)
All features listed on this page

Frequently Asked Question

Purchasing web hosting with LUWN is straightforward: choose the plan that suits your needs, then click on the "Order now" button.

Afterwards, you will be redirected to the LUWN Hub, where you will need to create an account if you haven't already, or log in. Then, you will need to select a temporary URL, for example,

Next, you will need to create an account that will allow you to access your website. You will then have the option to choose from the 18 server locations where your website will be hosted - note that this will not impact the response time your visitors experience. We recommend the US servers.

Finally, you will need to complete the payment to gain full access to your website.

Yes, all our hosting plans come with LUWN Hub, our customized control panel. It allows you to manage your account, monitor resource usage, create email addresses, and install a content management system.

Control panels are separate from your website's admin panel, which is created when installing a CMS.

No. LUWN's dedicated hosting plans make it as easy as possible for beginners to manage their hosting. You can perform multiple tasks smoothly without prior technical knowledge thanks to our fully intuitive LUWN Hub.

Unlike 93% of web hosting on the market, we only offer dedicated web hosting plans. This means that the resources displayed on our hosting plans above this section are the resources you will have for your website. We made this decision to provide the best quality of service and security, rather than simply making profits from web hosting sales. The resources displayed are therefore 100% the resources your website will have, so you can rest assured that no one will slow down or crash your website. You have your own server.

Web hosting is a service that stores web pages and makes them accessible on the Internet. On the other hand, a domain name is essentially the address of a website, such as Both are vital elements for creating a fully functional website.

Without web hosting services, you would have to turn your computer into a web server, which requires deep technical knowledge and high maintenance costs. Without domains, people would have to use an IP address to visit your website, which is harder to remember and less practical.

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