LUWN Referral Program

Becoming a referral has never been easier and effortless.

Our Referral Program

Joining LUWN Agency's referral program is effortless. Rather than persuading people to buy, just refer potential clients to us. We handle everything from providing tailored quotes to finalizing contracts, ensuring a seamless process - Once they sign up, you get rewarded. Easy, right?

Flexibility Reigns

No contracts, no obligations—participants can exit anytime at their discretion, ensuring freedom and autonomy.

Worldwide Referral

Referrers can connect with clients globally, with no restrictions, fostering a borderless network for maximum outreach.

Path to Progress

Top referrers can transition to full-time sales roles within the company, paving the way for career growth.

Your journey compared to ours.

As mentioned earlier, your role is simply to refer, and we handle the rest. This graphic timeline is designed to highlight the entire process, emphasizing your specific part in it.


Find interested people for our services.


Ensure we can meet their needs.


Provide contact details for follow-up.

We meet

We meet them online or in person.

We purpose

We offer a tailored project quote.

They firm

You earn your share when they sign.


That's fantastic! But you're probably wondering, how much does it pay?

Let's discuss how much you could earn by referring clients to us. We have created a specific plan that allows you to grow as you refer more clients. This ensures you are rewarded fairly for the clients you bring in.

Review the detailed information below, utilizing the comparison:

Referral Program Benefits
Commission Rate Percentage

This represents the percentage you will earn for each person who starts a project.

10% Quote
20% Quote
30% Quote
Referrals Needed for Advancement

This indicates the number of referred clients required to advance to the next level.

3 Clients
10 Clients
25 Clients
Bonus Earned Upon Upgrading

The bonus is earned upon successfully achieving the "Referrals Needed" goal.

150 €
500 €
1500 €

As the Expert role is the final level, once you have referred 25 clients, you will not advance further. However, you will receive a lifetime 30% commission and continue to earn a €1500 bonus for every additional 25 clients referred.

Shop with us and increase your earnings

Opt for Credits or Discounts instead of direct payment, and enjoy a 30% bonus on the total amount! For example, if you earn €150 for a referral, you'll receive €195 in credits or discounts.

These credits or discounts can be used to purchase products from Luwn Agency.


What are you waiting for?

Join our referral program today – it's free, easy, and incredibly rewarding. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to earn rewards!

Join the movement.

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